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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 28, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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reducing the possible distance it traveled south into the indian ocean. >> a u.s. military plane is one of the aircrafts helping in the search near this new area. officials say any sightings need to be confirmed by ship, which could come tomorrow. they say this new analysis is the most credible lead to date, among many others. >> most credible lead. >> very credible leads. >> the most credible lead that we have. >> joining me now, nbc's ian williams, who is in perth. ian, i think it is jarring when you hear how many times officials have said the most credible lead so far, but here we are again. what is the next thing for us to expect regarding this analysis of this new information and this new search site? >> reporter: that's right, tamron. it's easy to see this as the most credible lead since the last most credible lead, but
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they really do believe they found something out there today of significance. the first day searching in that new search area, which, of course, is about 700 miles away from the old area they were looking at. now five aircraft say have apparently spotted multiple objects of several different colors. they took photographs out there and those photographs are being assessed overnight. most significant was a new zealand aircraft which spotted what it said was multiple items in different colors, and then an australian air force plane went out and managed to relocate those objects. now that's not happened before. that is significant, and the australian aircraft also talked about other rectangular objects in blue and gray. now, the officials here are being quite cautious, because as you pointed out, we've seen a lot of objects before and these have come to nothing, but they are sending a ship in. there is a chinese ship in that
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area already, which is now tasked with going to pick up that debris, trying to find it and collect it tomorrow to give a definitive identification of precisely what it is. now this new area is closer to the mainland australia, which means that aircraft are able to get out there quicker and spend more time. the weather generally seems to be better in that part of the world, as well, although specialists here were also pointing out that there's more junk in that particular area floating around than there was in the other, more southerly area. but certainly, this is, appears to be, an important lead, and we should know more about what exactly it adds up to when that chinese ship, if that chinese ship, finds the debris tomorrow, tamron. >> ian, the debris field that we've been talking about, some 300 pieces of debris, is this -- do they now believe those images were inaccurate or that's not related to the flight 370?
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or is this the same debris and it's moved with the current? i have to say, it is quite confusing. >> it's very confusing, and the malaysian authorities added to that confusion today by implying this could be the same debris, which has drifted, but experts here in australia say that is inconceivable, the debris could not have drifted that far, hundreds of miles, even over the sort of 18, 19 days since the aircraft crashed. it does seem that these leads were not leads, that what we saw down there in multiple images from satellites were not parts of aircraft. that's assuming that this new area is a more accurate area, because they cannot be the same items. that is being dismissed by experts here in australia, although, yes, there was confusion, because the malaysian press conference today implied perhaps it could have drifted,
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but that's being dismissed by experts here, who say it's simply too far away, tamron. >> thank you very much for that latest information. also developing now, we're about an hour away from a press conference in snohomish county, washington, 26 people known dead there, crews recovered a 4-month-old late yesterday. her grandmother was also killed. as search crews enter their seventh day of looking for victims of saturday's slide, the number of fatalities is expected to rise. nbc reporter jennifer bjorklund joins us now from arlington, washington, with the latest information. jennifer, we just showed the picture of that 4-month-old baby. her mother survived, her grandmother did not. and as i mentioned, we're perhaps bracing ourselves for more devastating news from authorities in a few. >> reporter: yes, we are. in fact, tamron, i think many of the families already know the
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news. they were out there in the mudslide zone doing the recoveries themselves. some of the numbers that we have are directly from the families, because the rescue workers and the recovery workers haven't been releasing any new numbers. they have a state mortuary crew here working with the medical examiner, but until the medical examiner gets all the records complete and does all the paperwork and recovers the bodies, actually into the medical examiner's office, they can't add those to the official toll, so we are expecting since they've been working around the clock at the press conference that is happening about an hour, that they will release the new number, the number of dead that they have been able to identify and officially put into the record, but we do know that in addition to the official record, there are many other that are still -- have been recovered, found, but not yet documented, tamron. >> all right, jennifer, thank
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you very much. we'll give our audience the updated information, of course, as soon as that press conference starts. and developing now, new jersey governor chris christie's office just announced he will hold a news conference at 2:30 p.m. today. it will be his first news conference since january 9th, when he denied any prior knowledge of the george washington bridge lane closures. now today's news conference comes a day after a team of lawyers, hired by governor christie's office, unveiled the findings of a million dollar taxpayer funded investigation. it concluded the governor did not know about a political plot to shut down the lanes at the bridge, creating a traffic nightmare that lasted, as you well know, four days. instead, the report blames two people now fired, christie's aide bridget anne kelly and david wildstein, who quit in wake of the scandal. governor christie spoke yesterday in an interview with abc news. >> this report says that i had no knowledge of it before it
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happened, nor did i authorize it or have anything to do with it, and that's the truth. >> do you really believe they didn't do it because they thought that's what would please you? >> anybody who really knows me would not believe that doing something inexplicably stupid would please me. >> nbc's ron allen joins us live from the state capitol in trenton, new jersey. what are we to expect from this news conference at 2:30 eastern time today? >> reporter: right, tamron. 2:30 on a friday afternoon, it's a good time to do a press conference when you want to bury a story. politicians have traditionally done that, and this is being looked at with a lot of skepticism, seen as more public relations than investigation, if you will, and it's part of a process, apparently. there was this huge report that was produced the other day, as you pointed out, done by lawyers, hired by the governor. he did a big interview with diane sawyer on abc yesterday, and today, a press conference in a format he is very comfortable in. so it appears that christie is
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clearly trying to orchestrate a aggressive response to this continuing crisis, and he is expected to stick very close to the script. this is also coming a day before he's going to travel out to las vegas tomorrow for an event with a lot of other potential republican candidates for president in 2016 before a big donor, big fundraiser, so all this is seen as part of a process that's very political and still leaves a lot of unanswered questions about what this whole bridgegate scandal, as it's been called, is about. the report never explained what was at the bottom of this. it said basically christie had nothing to do with it, but didn't say what it was, and there were a number of key alleged participants in this whole affair, including kelly and wildstein, who were never questioned, and it cost taxpayers in new jersey a million dollars, so a lot of skepticism about this as the governor is about to take the stage again for another big press conference to try and
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again bat down all these charges. >> all right, ron, thank you very much. governor christie says he has not ruled out running for president in wake of all of this. for more now on the impact of christie's political future, we'll bring in coauthor of "chris christie: the inside story of his rise to power." let's talk about the setup here. chris christie deciding to go on abc news and then follow it up with a press conference on a friday before heading out to las vegas, where big money donors for the republican party will likely have their own questions for him. what do you make of the handling of this? why not have a press conference yesterday? why put it off until today? >> i think the timing of the report is what's important here, because the word was that mr. adelson out in las vegas started to have concerns about whether christie was electable, so what happened is they come out with a report yesterday and he can
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carry this big 660-page document with him to las vegas and put it on the desk and say, see there, it says i'm innocent. i think this whole thing is about the report saying that he is innocent, which he's said from day one. it's more like a defensive christie than it is a real look at what happened. >> which is interesting, because even some christie supporters have said they believe that chris christie had no involvement and that is to be determined after federal and state investigations, however, the presentation with this attorney hired by christie went up like a lead balloon to your point, no matter how many pages of documents, this is his guy saying he's innocent. >> right. he was asked about that at the press conference and he said, let's be clear here, the governor did not hire me. i was hired by the governor's office. >> with taxpayers' dollars. >> that's right. that's a distinction only a lawyer could understand. come on. it really reads like they set
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out to prove what chris christie has been saying all along is true, and as ron allen said, there's problems with it and there are so many people who are -- have allegations against them in this whole thing who weren't even talked to. >> his approval rating in the state of new jersey, 41%, that's down from 61% in november. in that interview from diane sawyer, he was asked about 2016, since you point out the timing of the release of this report, here's what he had to say. >> has this torpedoed your 2016 run? >> no. >> 2016 chances? >> no. listen, i haven't made a decision about 2016, and i don't intend to make a decision on 2016 until a year from now, but it won't have anything to do with what's happened the last ten weeks. >> a lot is theatrics at this point. his nature of being, you know, confrontational and in your face, i'm going to tell you as i see it, it's interesting how he chose to present himself on that
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platform in an evening news setting, obviously, playing to the nation and not new jersey. >> we're used to that, the media who covers him down in jersey, we're used to being passed over so he can talk to people, many times who don't understand the ins and outs of what's going on as well as the people who cover him every day. >> but in the end here, you have, for example, joe scarborough saying this morning folks like jeb bush have been calling, according to joe, calling donors all across america, top donors, saying stand by as he watches this chris christie scandal play out and wonders, like the rest of us, if this will be the end of christie's presidential aspirations here. what do you think we're going to really get out of this news conference later today from chris christie? >> i think he's going to say, there it is in the report what i've been telling you all along, i didn't know anything about it. i didn't have anything to do with it. by the way, can't you see, i'm the victim. they did this to me. that's why i was weeping at that meeting that we had on the staff
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when i first found out these people had their hands on it. >> thank you very much for your time. we'll see what happens and carry governor christie's news conference live at 2:30 eastern time here on msnbc. and new this morning, the gop is losing one of its most powerful players, house intelligence chairman mike rogers announced he is stepping down. rogers, a close ally of house speaker john boehner, is frequently one of president obama's biggest critics on the sunday talk shows, of course. once a former fbi special agent, his name was brought up as potential nominee for cia director. well, the michigan congressman joined the house of representatives in 2001. rogers is trading capitol hill for a radio talk show. up next, a new report on what appears to be a shocking jump in the number of children with autism. what is behind this rise? we'll talk live with the president of autism speaks and a doctor who disputes what exactly these numbers mean. plus, the white house says it's met its goal of enrolling
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more than 6 million americans this health care, but some in the gop says enrollment does not tell the whole story. we'll break it down live with you. and this -- >> man up. >> man up. >> act like a man. >> be a man! >> i've been waiting to talk about this one. a filmmaker says the three worst words you can tell a boy are, be a man. and it says we are failing our boys by forcing hypermasculinity. the maker of this upcoming documentary will join us. you can join our conversation about any of the topics. [ female announcer ] late night? crazy morning?
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there's new urgency in the
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fight to find the cause of autism, as stunning new reports show a dramatic rise in the number of children in the u.s. diagnosed with the condition. the centers for disease control now estimates that 1 in 68 children have been identified with an autism spectrum disorder. that's a 30% jump from a previous study done just in 2008 and represents a steady rise in the cases over the last decade. researchers also found that boys are five times more likely than girls to have autism. the cdc based the report on a review of records for 8 year olds in 11 states in 2010, but the term autism spectrum can encompass a broad range of developmental brain disorders that can range from mild social awkwardness, to an inability to communicate, and perhaps the most troubling part of this study, there's no definitive answer of what's behind the increase and still no answer to what causes autism. joining me now, a pediatric
8:19 am
neuroolkt in cleveland and liz feld, founder of the autism group, autism speaks. doctor, let me start with you. what is the first thing that stands out to you, obviously, for the average person that's not a doctor, when you hear 1 in 68, you say how's that possible? >> well, the thing that stands for me, i believe the numbers, but i ask myself exactly what group we're describing. autism is different now than it was 20 years ago. 70% of them have normal intelligence, while 20 years ago, 30%, 40% did. the kids, as you stated, are milder in nature. we've broadened the criteria for inclusion in terms of how to diagnose them and also there's a greater awareness of the condition. in this study specifically, the people who did the study did not lay hands on the children and say, yes, we can confirm this is the diagnosis. they reviewed records, school records, medical records, which means their conclusions are only
8:20 am
based on the information they have in front of them, and if people don't give a description that is not actually accurate with what the child has, you may come up with an erroneous diagnos diagnosis. >> which is in itself absolutely disturbing. you hear the reports, send parents, i think, doctor, into a nervous wreck, whether they have a child under the age of 4, or perhaps even considering having a child, especially when it's followed by, we don't know what causes it, so what is the responsible way, doctor, to process, in your opinion, this information? >> the responsible way is to understand while this number is there, the chances are overwhelming, even if it's 1.47%, that means you have a 98.5% chance of a child not having it. that's better odds than vegas, if you think about it, much, much better than that and much better than lots of other conditions. number two, even when people identified if kids have social differences, before you say they must have autism, which is what
8:21 am
everyone jumps to nowadays, you need further investigation. most of the times you find other reasons that cause it, so you should not automatically conclude because my child didn't speak when wanted, we're in trouble. >> liz, let me go to you, because the work you and your organization have done is tremendous, invaluable there, but i also understand this report, some believe because we are more knowledgeable, that children that would have perhaps slipped through the cracks before, are now being counted as we attempt to understand. what's your reaction to this new report? >> well, first of all, it's very important for everyone to understand and recognize behind every one of these statistics is a person living with autism. 3 million people from the age 2 up to 80 woke up with autism and they have needs across their life span, from meeting behavioral therapies, help after school, employment opportunities, housing, supports, a whole host of issues and services, so i'll tell you,
8:22 am
you cannot explain away a doubling of prevalence in the last ten years by better detection, and while we certainly have that in thanks to organizes like autism speaks and others, there is more awareness. there are so many unanswered questions, which is why autism needs to be a national public health priority. we need a national strategy that includes all the stakeholders, the medical community, researchers, educators, policy makers, people living with autism right now, to come together right now to work on the challenges that this community faces. >> absolutely. just in new york, you had a boy who disappeared from school, later found dead, whose mother is still battling for people to understand what's known as wandering, and keeping an eye and educating teachers and schools about how to handle these children. >> there have been 42 wandering deaths since 2011. one-third of our population is nonverbal. one-third, seizure disorders,
8:23 am
g.i. issues associated with autism. and the fact that we now have bipartisan support in washington for a national strategy to address this tells you that these numbers speak loud and clear to the urgent need for more research, funding, and more attention. >> liz, thank you. doctor, thank you, as well. i have my pin and i'll be wearing it, as well. >> tamron, thank you for all the exposure you've given to this issue. a usa today sports writer says if nfl players are drug tested, then the team's owners should be, too. what do you think about that? we're going to talk to the writer who got back from several nfl owners meeting. 6 million people enrolled in the president's health care plan and the white house is calling it an amazing comeback story. but what does it really mean for republicans campaigning against obamacare? right now, we're going to ask mark murray just ahead. [ bubbles ]
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nfl owners are wrapping up their annual spring meeting, where many league changes are made that typically affect players and often draw an uproar from the fans. there's one topic getting a lot of attention as it puts the focus squarely on the owners. following last week's arrest of jim irsay on dui and drug possession charges, many are suggesting the league begin drug testing the owners. currently, nfl players are required to submit to drug testing and face discipline if they have been using substances that are illegal. however, that policy does not extend to all non-playing members of the nfl community. joining me now, "usa today's" jarrett bell. he just returned from the spring meeting and spoke to multiple owners about this. thank you so much for your time. >> hi, tamron, how are you? >> i'm fantastic. i think my phrase of the day,
8:28 am
went up like a lead balloon. what was the reaction to this? >> let me clarify a couple things. a, i don't know if there's a lot of discussion with people suggesting all nfl owners are drug tested. i posed the question in the column that i wrote about it against the context of what the nfl is really facing in terms of disciplining and dealing with jim irsay after his arrest. and talking to some of the owners, hey, of course, you can drug test me. i don't care. in fact, robert kraft told me that and a couple of other owners, but realistically, i don't think that's what we're talking about. we're talking about a case by case situation, and in irsay's case, obviously, with him being in rehab right now, when roger goodell determines what he's going to do to reinstate him ultimately, i think there has to be some component of a medical evaluation at bear minimum. you would make a much stronger case if you talked about drug testing. >> what you say in your writing,
8:29 am
ongoing testing would send an even stronger message. what did you mean by that? >> the fact that the nfl does discipline its players when you talk about things that happen off the field, and generally, you know, they are drug tested at least once a year, all players. and i think when you look at some of the situations with irsay, situations where you had a team president have an alcohol arrest a couple of years ago, you had two denver broncos executives have situations with the law in terms of dui arrests, that there has to be a higher standard. and roger goodell has said that all along, you have to have a higher standard in dealing with your executives than you do with your players. >> well, the miami dolphins' owner, though, when asked about it, we're not living in a policed state, i don't think it's necessary. i think you look at people's actions. it's going to come out. you can only hide it for so much, so why wouldn't the players say this isn't a policed
8:30 am
state, especially as it related to marijuana and so many states passing laws that allow a little bit of recreational pot in your life. >> that's a fair question. i think when you start talking about what happens with drug testing and players, a lot of times it's really focused on the performance enhancing situation. and if the nfl -- >> tell that the ricky williams, that's not true. tell that to ricky williams. he had his whole career because of pot went up in smoke. >> well, you can kind of parse that in a number of ways, but i think the drug testing really, for the players right now, that needs to be implemented deals with hgh testing, because those other components are already in place. but again, tamron, in a larger context, and i think steven ross addressed it when he said, hey, you're talking about a case by case situation, so when you talk about jim irsay and how the league deals with that, and
8:31 am
that's the real question. remember, roger goodell, who is the person in charge of meeting out the discipline actually works with the nfl owners, so that can be a sticky situation, but when you talk about the league's credibility in dealing with its players on discipline issues, you can't have a blind eye to owners and other executives, who run into situations. >> good article, jarrett, thank you so much. really appreciate it. thank you. we got to have you back on. i love football talk. up next, enrollment for the health care act hits 6 million just days before the sign-up deadline. mark murray is up next to discuss those numbers. plus, an 8-year-old girl and her family says she was kicked out of a christian school because she needs to follow her, quote, god ordained identity. we will talk to little sonny and her grandmother.
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president obama's in the middle east today after a whirlwind trip to europe where he leaned hard on russia, warning of new sanctions if it goes further into ukraine. and big week at the supreme court, justices hearing arguments over the coverage of the health care law and president obama meets the pope. let's take a look at the week that was. >> europe and america are united in our support of the ukrainian government and the ukrainian people. we're united in imposing a cost on russia for its actions so far. >> this case is entirely 100% about whether the government can coerce families, families of faith, to buy these life destroying products and coverage for this for other people. >> what's at stake here is the rights of millions of american women, who use birth control, versus the personal views of a handful of ceos. >> russia is a regional power
8:36 am
that is threatening some of its immediate neighbors, not out of strength, but out of weakness. i would just ask all americans to send their thoughts and prayers to washington state. >> when the president of the united states steps out from its meeting on nuclear proliferation or whatever the meeting was, i know it's big, it talks about oso, washington, that becomes imperative to how we pull this community together. >> i'm joni ernst, i grew up castrating hogs on an iowa farm, so when i get to washington, i'll know how to cut pork. >> wonderful to meet you. >> i was grateful to have the opportunity to speak with him about the responsibilities that we all share. >> and joining me now, live nbc news senior political editor mark murray. mark, that number slashed up and not your face because that is the headline coming out, the president saying 6 million people, 6 million americans, have enrolled. what's been the reaction to that revelation? >> it's a breakdown between what
8:37 am
we do know and what we don't know. we don't know how many of the 6 million has paid so far to their health insurance companies. we also don't know the mix between healthy and sick people that insures are really good risk pool when calculating premiums going forward. what we do know is there's been exponential growth in the health care enrollment, going from 100,000 back in october. now to 6 million. if you go to march 31st, which is the deadline, and, of course, that's been extended for some people. wouldn't be surprised if we see enrollment 6.4 or 6.5 million by the end of this entire process. thanch >> that will always be the challenge, who are the people enrolling, but it's significant when you have marsha blackburn saying falling 1 million short of the proclaimed goal is nothing to celebrate, how is it not something to celebrate, when there were republicans who said
8:38 am
there would be no way that the administration would enroll even 6 million by its deadline given all of the problems? >> well, when it comes as health care, everyone has their political hats on, if you're a supporter of the law, you say, look, this is growing, it's successful. if you're an opponent, you wouldn't say meet the projections. reason it never got to 7 million was because the website faltered in october or november. we don't know if this health care law is going to work and we're going to find out in the next few months whether people are getting better health care coverage. the proof's in the pudding in the months ahead and years ahead, but what this does is when you have 6 million people having health care coverage under this, 8 million, even double that, maybe some 2015 or 2016, it becomes harder to repeal it. i think that is the biggest political take away from all of this. >> thank you very much, mark, have a great weekend, we'll see you soon. >> you, too, tamron. >> now to a story sparking national headlines, including in
8:39 am
the new york daily news. virginia girl, 8, banned from christian school for acting like a boy. "the washington post" said, virginia girl style not feminine enough for lynchburg christian school. at the center of all of this, 8 year old sonny cale, the school principal sent a letter home with sonny in february saying, you're probably aware timberlake christian school is a religious, bible believing institution providing education in a distinctly christian environment. we believe that unless sunnie, as well as her family, clearly believe god made her female, that tcs is not the best place for her future education. joining me live now, 8-year-old sunnie and her grandmother and legal grandmother, who in wake of the letter removed sunnie from the school and sent her to public school.
8:40 am
thank you so much for joining us. let me start with you, what did you think when you read the note and said her god-ordained identity? >> i was devastated. my heart sunk to my feet when i read the letter. it was registered february the 28th, i believe, and it was devastating. she had not had any trouble for months in the school about her being boyish looking, and so the letter came as quite a surprise. >> the school sent a letter responding to sunnie being removed and going to public school. you can be assured we cared for sunnie and worked to assist them, our teachers and administrators love sunnie and this has never been an issue of her hair length or boots, it's been our constant desire of the last several years to work with this family and shepherd this precious little girl in a way consistent with traditional values. what are they saying there, in
8:41 am
your opinion? what do they mean? >> i don't understand what they are saying. the teachers were the ones that was complaining. not the students. she got along well with the students. and their parents. it was the teachers that complained. i know it started in pre-k. she cut her hair off. it was down to the waist, and she cut her hair off to give to a child that had cancer. right after that, she started, she didn't want to wear the little prim jeans with sequins and hearts, she wanted to wear boys' jeans. of course, there was a dress code starting in kindergarten. she had to wear the shirt with the school emblem and she had to wear slacks or skirt. she chose the shirt, which both boys and girls wore the same shirt. she chose slacks. >> sunnie, how does this make you feel when the school says this? >> it makes me sad that they would tell me that.
8:42 am
>> you pick out your -- i see you're a pittsburgh steelers fan, besides that, because i'm a cowboys fan, but with that said, i mean, you like your hair the way it is and you pick out your clothes. is this showing your personality, who sunnie is? >> yes. >> do you want to go back to your school? you don't know? >> yes and no. >> yes and no. i can understand that, sunnie. well, doris, what are you planning to do, keep her out of the school and just move on? >> yes, she's enrolled in public school. we had a private school, christian school, invite her to finish her term out, and then hopefully she will want to go to their school next year. >> i read the statement from the school. they also had a legal organization on behalf of the school released a statement, this matter is far beyond a
8:43 am
simple hairstyle and tomboy issue, it is not about that at all. at no time did the church or school state imply s.k. was sexually immoral or the like, but reports have appeared in the media. sunnie, listen, i don't know what's going on, but i've had short hair, way shorter than yours for about, i don't know, 30 years, so if you like your short hair, your grandma's okay with it, great grandma, i say rock it and who cares what anybody says. be your own girl. there's nothing boyish about me, and even if there was, that's okay. i'm going to send you a dallas cowboy t-shirt. that's my only objection there, s sunnie. keep smiling, because you rock, okay? she's so cute and she's got an awesome grand mom. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> for you, sunnie, i will say this only once in my life, go
8:44 am
stealers! you got with me with that, girl. up next, the most damaging words you can tell a boy, be a man. that makes boys more prone to violence. the director of this documentary will join us. (music) defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. calcium citrate plus d. highly soluble, easily absorbed. [ mala body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier.
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[ male announcer ] with nearly 7 million investors... oh hey, neill, how are you? [ male announcer ]'d expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male announcer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. in the recent months we've seen headlines on how we perceive masculinity. in a new documentary out later this year takes a hard look at this issue by examining society's standards for boys and men regarding how they deal with emotions and those three words we've heard so much, be a man. >> man up. >> man up. >> man up! >> act like a man. >> be the man. >> be a man! >> i'm joined now by the film's director, jennifer newsome, also founder and ceo of the representation project. thank you so much, jennifer, for joining us. >> thank you for having me.
8:48 am
>> do you know how many times we hear this, be a man, man up. you say this is the worst thing you can say to a boy. >> it is the worst thing you can say to a boy. we're feeding our boys this really unhealthy, limiting narrative that sends them so many conflicting messages that ultimately forces them to repress their emotional selves, their authentic selves, and conform to this hypermasculine form, and it's not only harming our boys, but it's harming all of us. >> why do you believe that? i mean, we talk so much about the media and image for girls, how it affects girls when they see a barbie doll or what we refer to as a more real looking woman or girl, but we don't talk a lot about the boy image, maybe because they don't dominate the fronts of magazine covers with glamour, but they have these masculine heros on male magazines with sports and other things like that. >> right. so, you know, it's interesting.
8:49 am
we're limiting both genders, so misrepresentation, the first documentary i made, really exposed the injustices and limiting notions that we're feeding our girls about what it is to be a woman, our value lies in our beauty, youth, and sexuality. on the other side, we're teaching boys their dominance relies in power and aggression. at the end of the day, to simplify this, we're all human beings. we all have empathy, we all have love, you know, what we really need to be teaching our kids and how we need to be socializing and raising our kids as parents, caregivers, coaches, educators, people in the larger community, we need to be reminding them of what it is to be a human being. to be empathetic, loving, caring, to respect others, have self respect, all of this. >> because also, what we lose in the end are lives. i mean, the stat in the movie, every day three or more boys commit suicide in the united
8:50 am
states. i just want to play another clip that we have from the documentary. i think it really hits home for people. let's play it. >> i felt like just giving up o life. suicide thought to my head in sixth grade. >> i felt alone for a long time and thought about killing myself. >> so brave of these young men to open up to be that vulnerable, which goes against the grain of the generic image of a guy. you're supposed to be a man and not show that type of emotion. >> right. what we're finding is happening is that as boys go through their middle school and high school years, as this pressure to confirm to hyper masculine norm confronts them, they become more and more isolated and anxious and alienate themselves to escapist behaviors. they are taught not to feel or express emotions or associate
8:51 am
with anything feminine. they end up repressing these emotions and going into these isolated and alienated activities, binge drinking and drug use or risky behaviors, dropping out of school. they are also engaged in more isolated behaviors like violent video games and closing the door and playing violent video games or pornography. it's furthering this whole world that they are taught to be a man is to disconnect from their relationship with themselves and with others. and so they are not learning ultimately one of the most important things about being a human being, which is to be in relationship with not only yourself but with others. it's very -- then what happens too is they don't value their -- they come to a point where they don't even value their own lives and that's where you're seeing an increase -- >> episodes of suicide. >> you and your partner created a kick starter campaign to start
8:52 am
the film. you raised well over $100,000 so that represents not only people care about what you are saying but willing to put their money behind this project and get the message out. congratulations on the success. it is powerful and i wish they would even show it in schools maybe so more people can -- could have an opportunity to see this and perhaps save young lives. >> thanks for having me. >> up next, if nfl players are drug tested, should owners be tested? that's our "news nation" gut check. we'll be right back. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. hey kevin...still eating chalk for hearburn? yea. try alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heart burn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. alka-seltzer fruit chews.
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8:55 am
a time for the "news nation" gut check, earl yerl we discussed an idea being floated that the nfl began testing, currently they are required to submit to drug testing or face discipline. we want to ask you what do you think about this, is that equal or fair whatever?
8:56 am
we just did quickly this writer, documentary creator of the film about telling boys not to be a man. i got a tweet that bugged me. trenton davis, i love to watch the show but two women having a convo about being a man is bad. why don't you create a documentary for young boys and we'll have you son the show as soon as the doc is complete. i'll see you on monday. andrea mitchell is up next. defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. calcium citrate plus d. highly soluble, easily absorbed.
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9:00 am
the driver's seat of her car. >> she had first started crying and just taken aback and then goes go get her and bring her home to me. >> he will keep searching for others. >> community is going to be reeling for a lifetime. i will take the time to be with my family for the next day or so and then i'll be right back out there. >> we will bring you the latest developments from a news conference set to begin moments from now. redirected. 21 days into the hunt for missing malaysia airlines flight 370. investigators now order a major shift in the search area after new radar data show that the plane was flying faster and ran out of fuel sooner. today a military aircraft has already spotted a potential new lead in the search zone, 70